GEN-KA gets certified to ISO 26000 «Social Responsibility»

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Social responsibility is developed and implemented through the system of values, objectives and actions fundamental to the managment of GEN-KA SA.

Human and the respect for human values is a priority of our company. Along with the efficient management of financial resources and the modernization of services, those are the guides of any communication between us, our clients and other interested parties.

For GEN-KA SA, the seven key issues in the development of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development are presented below:
a) Accountability and transparency at all levels of operation (Organizational governance)
b) Treating all people with respect, trying as much as possible to help those of vulnerable groups (Human rights)
c) Providing safe and favorable working conditions for employees of the company (Labor practices)
d) Identify and improve the environmental impact of the operation of the company including the use of terms and waste disposal (Environment)
e) Provision of services (Consumer issues)
f) Participating as a good neighbor in the local community (Community involvement and development)
Actions in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility

Some of these include areas such as:
For years GEN-KA SA has always shown its concern for the rights of children by supporting the voluntary non-profit organization, “The smile of the child”, with corresponding sponsorships.
GEN-KA SA, under the constant quest for a better environment, implements a certified management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2004.
Empty plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and other containers are not waste material but useful raw materials for reuse.
Manage batteries, paper, electrical and electronic equipment, toner, inks and deliver them for recycling through other alternative management systems, such as Municipality, Plaisio Computers company etc.
We enhance this effort and spread the value of reciprocal recycling everywhere.
Protect the earth, to our reward! … Because the environment is everyone’s business.
Resource Management
To reduce unnecessary power consumption, GEN-KA SA, has already taken a series of measures ranging from simple solutions such as upgrading lighting fixtures and air conditioning systems. In GEN-KA SA we started the Energy Consumption Awareness Program to achieve a reduction of energy consumption and resources in our daily lives. All employees are invited to participate and to promote awareness of energy at home, in their workplace, to share ideas and to become ambassadors of the program.
GEN-KA SA cannot achieve the ambitious energy saving goals without the full support of all of us. We want to raise awareness and to show that everyone can help protect the environment and save money, at the same time.
We ALL contribute to saving energy every day, starting from our home and our workplace.
The consumption of electricity in the office is monitored and controlled as well as the consumption of motor fuels for the purposes of its operation.
Social Contribution
GEN-KA SA and its staff, in cooperation with the church of our parish, assist by effectively providing regular essentials (clothing, medicines, toys, etc.) to vulnerable social groups in need.
Volunteering Day
Against our company’s will to create a day for voluntary blood donation in collaboration with hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, we weren’t able to make it happen and this program will be scheduled for implementation next year 2016.