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"GΕΝ-ΚΑ is the excellent choice when you need Facility Management Services"

− Sergios Hadzinicolaou, Shopping Center Manager | VILLAGE shopping & more... | Florida 1 Retail Park

"The goal of entrusting your facility management to a provider, is maintaining the desirable level of quality of services in relation to their cost.
This can only be achieved through a cooperation based on consistency, transparency, professionalism and trust, like we have with GEN-KA."

− Vicky Griba, Dipl.-Ing Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Head of Procurement & SC, Roche Hellas S.A.

We develop new services so you can always be “up-to-date”.

By signing with GEN-KA, you get FREE access to our new app “Ma.Mo.S.S.”, so you’ll spend less -to no- time with things that are not of your core business, and more time on promoting your products or services.

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