Business Ethics Policy

Each one of us individually, and all together at the same time, are responsible for upholding the values and rules that promote our services and make us even better.

What we do
is not just a job.

We love what we do and on a daily basis, we create the conditions that will help us become even better, providing superior service to our customers.

We treat each other
with dignity.

Having a job is a legitimate right for all and must be adequately remunerated and always within the agreed timeframes.

We believe in recognising and rewarding responsible and good work.

Happy employees mean happy customers, due to providing a competitive level of facility services.

We support long-term

Our work is based on respect, integrity and trust between our employees and our company. And we have a large number of employees who have reached retirement spending most –if not all- of their working years at GEN-KA, to prove that!

We recognize the importance of older employees’ experience.

We aim to make the most of it, supporting their integration and retention in the workforce, always in the interest of our customers.

We are green.

On a daily basis, we use practices, follow procedures and use materials and machinery that highlight and enhance our environmental consciousness and awareness. For us, respect for the environment means, above all, respect for people.

We disapprove of
all discriminations.

Whether that is origin, color, religion, ethnicity, gender or marital status. For all of us, the only thing that differentiates us is our desire to improve our services daily, with respect to the people we work with and for.

Work is a very
important commodity,

but we firmly believe that minors should not have any “job” in the working place.

There are many reasons to work with us!

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